Cloud Governance Training Course

Optimise your IT strategy using the Weolcan Cloud Governance Framework


In-company training

Price on request

How do you maximize the benefits of the cloud without losing control over security, finance, and operations? How do you set up cloud governance without creating unnecessary restrictions? If teams are autonomous with IT resources on tap, there’s a risk you’ll lose oversight. 

Learn from highly experienced trainers during two days of pragmatic advice for operationalizing the IT strategy based on the Weolcan Cloud Governance Framework.

Training Agenda | Day 1 | 09:00 - 16:00

Module 1: Weolcan Cloud Centre of Expertise

Part 1: No Governance - what could possibly go wrong

Part 2: The road to becoming a digital enterprise

Module 2: Introduction to Cloud Governance

Part 1: Introduction into governance

Part 2: Team autonomy

Part 3: Governance Frameworks


Module 3: Strategy

Part 1: Strategy

Part 2: Business Case Model

Part 3: Hybrid IT Strategy

Training Agenda | Day 2 | 09:00 - 16:00

Module 4: Transformation

Part 1: A framework to operationalise strategy

Part 2: Weolcan Cloud Centre of Expertise

Part 3: Transformation Startup


Module 5: Start at day zero

Part 1: CCoE, now what?

Part 2: Security and compliance

Part 3: Cost control