Cloud Computing for Business Leaders & Decision-Makers

In-company training

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Cloud computing developments aren’t just the concern of the IT department. It’s equally as important for business leaders and decision-makers! Our training course is for any business leader wanting to understand how tech can shape their company for the better.

We’ll talk about cloud, but also about the Digital Enterprise, the usefulness and necessity of hybrid and multi-cloud, the positioning of the different cloud models and the influence of the latest technological trends. In short: the real cloud story, without marketing, in one day.

Training Agenda | 09:00 - 16:00

Module 1: Digital Enterprise in an Age of Disruption

Age of Disruption

  • Exponential Technology and the Nexus of Forces according to Gartner
  • The Dutch contribution to the Nexus of Forces
  • Evolution or Revolution: what do we know about innovation?

Digital Enterprise
  • What is a Digital Enterprise?
  • Examples of Digital Enterprises and their new Business Model
  • The 3 levels of innovation, Cloud can help to change your Business Model

Module 2: Cloud Strategy

A structured approach to Cloud Computing: 6 elements of a Cloud Strategy

  • Strategy Map
  • Analysis of the Application Landscape along the Application Lifecycle
  • Decision Tree \ High Level Design of the Landingzone(s)
  • Business Case
  • Roadmap
Digital Enterprise
  • Customer Case: Stedin


Module 3: Bi-Modal IT

Bi-Modal IT

Cloud Native vs Traditional IT

  • Monolith versus Microservices based architecture
  • Vertical vs Horizontal scaling
  • API connected & Data driven
Bi-Model IT Budgets
Risks and Pitfalls of a Bi-Modal Strategy

Module 4: Cloud Essentials

Cloud Definitions

Cloud Benefits

Cloud Business Drivers

Cloud Platforms (and the speed of innovation)

Module 5: Cloud Governance Framework

Cloud Governance Framework

  • Cloud Center of Excellence (People)
  • Target Operating Model (Processes)