Cloud Native Architecture Training Course


In-company training

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We all know that cloud technology is changing the way we do business. Maybe you already know about hybrid and multi-cloud environments. But are you really up to speed with the latest developments in cloud technology? Do you know how to build modern business models? Or support the self-steering revolution in operations and improve services using state-of-the-art IT resources?

We’ll talk about all these subjects in our Cloud Native Architecture training. This is a training that the IT managers, (Cloud) Architects and Business Consultants in your organisation should not miss.

Training Agenda | Day 1| 09:00 - 16:00

Module 1: What the F is Cloud?

Part 1: Definitions

Part 2: Business Drivers and Benefits


Hands-on Lab

Module 2: Cloud Strategy

Part 1: Cloud Strategy

Part 2: Cloud Placement Strategy

Part 3: Business Case Model

Part 4: Hybrid IT Strategy

Training Agenda | Day 2 | 09:00 - 16:00

Module 3: Cloud Governance, Controls and Compliancy

Part 1: Cloud Governance and Controls

Part 2: Cloud Exit Strategy

Part 3: Measures for Organisations

Module 4: Cloud Architecture

Part 1: Cloud Architecture

Part 2: Cloud Components

Part 3: Cloud Migration

Part 4: Configuration Management


Hands-on Lab

Module 5: Cloud Trends

Part 1: Continuous Delivery

Part 2: Cloud Brokering

Part 3: Amazon, Azure and Google Cloud

Part 4: Micro-services, Containers and Micro-OS

Hands-on Lab