Training Courses

Cloud Computing for Business Leaders & Decision-Makers

Cloud computing isn’t just for the IT department. It’s equally as important for business leaders and decision makers. Our training is specifically designed for non-techy decision makers who want to know how to improve their business through the cloud. We’ll talk about cloud, but also about the Digital Enterprise, the usefulness and necessity of hybrid and multicloud, the positioning of the different cloud models and the influence of the latest technological trends. In short: the real cloud story, without marketing, in one day!


1. Digital Enterprise in an Age of Disruption

2. Cloud Strategy

3. Bi-Modal IT

4. Cloud Essentials

5. Cloud Governance Framework

Cloud Native Architecture

We all know that cloud technology is changing the way we work. You might even know something about hybrid and multi-cloud environments. But are you really up to speed with the latest developments? Do you know how to create modern business models, support the self-steering revolution in operations and drive the evolution of your services using state-of-the-art IT resources? In short, this is training that the IT managers, (Cloud) Architects and the Business Consultants in your organization should not miss!


1. What te F is cloud?

2. Cloud Strategy

3. Cloud Governance, Controls and Compliancy

4. Cloud Architecture

5. Cloud Trends

Cloud Governance

How do you benefit from cloud technology without losing control over security, finance, and operations? How do you set up cloud governance without destroying the innovative power of the cloud? If teams are autonomous with IT resources on tap, there is a risk that you lose the overview. Trainers with a lot of experience in the field provide two days of pragmatic advice for operationalizing the IT strategy based on the Weolcan Cloud Governance Framework.


1. Weolcan Cloud Center of Expertise

2. Introduction into Cloud Governance

3. Strategy

4. Transformation

5. Start at day zero